Troubleshooting stutters on Windows Vista

I’ve been banging my head against the desk for months with sound / mouse / video stutters in Vista (x64) Ultimate Edition that would come and go. The cause and solution astounded me – so I thought I would post them here. Read more

Have yourself a techie little Christmas?

Here’s a list of the wonderful tech gifts I got for Christmas. Read more

D-Link DSL-G624T Router Miracle.

A few months ago I inadvertently tried to burn my friend’s house down by covering his router while it was on, and leaving it all day while he and his girlfriend were at work. Apparently – when he returned home and logged in to check his mail (or whatever) his internet connection seemed to be down. It quickly transpired that my failed arson attempt was to blame, as the duvet that had been left covering the router was lifted to reveal a hot, soft D-Link DSL-G624T and a large scorch mark on both the duvet and the chair beneath it. The router was hot, dead and my friend without internet access. Read more