D-Link DSL-G624T Router Miracle.

A few months ago I inadvertently tried to burn my friend’s house down by covering his router while it was on, and leaving it all day while he and his girlfriend were at work. Apparently – when he returned home and logged in to check his mail (or whatever) his internet connection seemed to be down. It quickly transpired that my failed arson attempt was to blame, as the duvet that had been left covering the router was lifted to reveal a hot, soft D-Link DSL-G624T and a large scorch mark on both the duvet and the chair beneath it. The router was hot, dead and my friend without internet access. Read more

rdesktop -f on compiz fusion

If you run rdesktop with the -f option while running compiz fusion on Ubuntu you will find that the rdesktop session appears on all of your desktops like this:

rdesktop problem

Indeed – no matter which desktop you switch to, you will be presented with your remote desktop session. Read more

Visual Studio ‘Themes’

By exporting your font and color settings from Viual Studio to a .vssettings file, you can create ‘themes’ for visual studio. Quite nice if you miss that old Borland Turbo C++ editor. I’ve created a page of themes here.

Ubuntu works for me

If you’ve ever tried a compositing window manager on your X server running on your favorite Linux distro, and if you’re anything like me – then you’ll miss it when it’s not there.

Unfortunately making the switch to Linux for day-to-day use is not really an option for me. For a start – I write software for Windows and there are a number of applications that I use under Windows.

I’ve never really used a virtual machine as much more than a test environment… but in a bid to cement Ubuntu as my default OS, I’ve taken to VirtualBox – and what’s more, it works very well.

VirtualBox lacks some of the advanced features of VMWare – such as snapshot branching… but it’s very good as a simple virtual machine… and it’s free.

The last time I tried to do something similar was with qemu (which I believe VirtualBox is based on) and Windows 2000. I had problem after problem getting it to work… blue screens during installation being the main issue. This time I’m using VirtualBox and Windows XP and everything just works as expected. I’ve made an effort to streamline windows as much as possible… opting not to install a virus scanner and disabling things like system restore.

Under Linux, VirtualBox has a ‘seamless’ mode where everything except the desktop is rendered. I didn’t get on very well with this… it seems to leave artifacts all over the screen, and isn’t really seamless – as I can’t drag a window onto another desktop. I believe there are hacks about that use RDP for seamless interactivity that work better.

Ubuntu and Windows

Identifying Predefined Roles on SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 (SSRS)

I was given the task of writing some code to add a user or group to a role on a SQL 2005 Express Edition Reporting Services server.

The natural answer to the problem of giving users access to a Reporting Services server is to create your own roles for which only the required Tasks are allowed.

Creating roles is not allowed as it is a limitation of Express Edition. So – your best bet is to find the most suitable predefined role to assign your user / group to.

The single biggest issue I found in trying to do this was identifying the predefined roles.
Read more

Sexy Screenshots

Want to take really nice screen shots for documentation and the like? Check out Window Clippings by Kenny Kerr at http://www.windowclippings.com. Kenny’s Window Clippings application allows you to capture Aero Glass windows in Windows Vista, including the drop shadow as rendered by DWM, without interference / artifacts from the desktop background or other windows.

Recycle Bin Properties

Not bad eh? If you download the above image – you will see that the alpha channel has been retained.

MSBuild process can keep build output open – solved.

It seems that the msbuild process can hold output files open when building projects that contain resource designer code. This causes problems when you want to sign your output assemblies using the SignFile task for example.

There is a work-around that is discussed in the forum thread below (follow the related link). You need to add the following to your project files…


Adding a column with DataType VarBinaryMax using SMO

I have discovered that the following code does not behave as expected…

Table someTable = database.Tables["some_table"];
Column someColumn = new Column (someTable, "some_column", DataType.VarBinaryMax);

This code will actually add a column of type varbinary(1) to the database. The following works…

Column someColumn = new Column (someTable, "some_column", DataType.VarBinary(-1));

Oh well.

InternalsVisibleTo Attribute Compiler Error CS1726

I’ve decided to use the InternalsVisibleTo assembly attribute to give access to some internal classes to a unit testing project.I added the attribute to my project, and I got this CS1726 compiler error. I duly googled for a solution, and discovered that (unsurprisingly) many people came across this error after strong naming their assembly.

The thing was that none of my assemblies were strong named. It turns out that the problem was due to the presence of the following attributes in my AssemblyInfo.cs file:

[assembly: AssemblyDelaySign(false)]
[assembly: AssemblyKeyFile("")]
[assembly: AssemblyKeyName("")]

I commented them out and hey-presto, everything worked as expected. I think the presence if these attributes is a hang-over from VS2003. They don’t seem to be generated by default in VS2005 Assembly Info files.

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