Visual Studio Themes

Spice up your IDE… whatever your motivation – nostalgia or just the desire to be different. Visual Studio has the handy feature of allowing you to export all of it’s settings to an XML (.vssettings) file. This allows you to export font, color and text editor settings. I have scoured the internet looking for examples of visual studio settings files… and compiled a short list here. Where possible, I have credited the author. If you would like me to add your favourite visual studio settings file to this list, please email me adam <at>

Default exported from Visual Studio. Use to restore the default Fonts / Colors only.


Download Default Settings File

Dark Side by Dave Reed

Dark Side

Download Dark Side Settings File

Vibrant Borland by Mawi

‘Vibrant Borland’ Visual Studio 2005 Fonts / Colors

Download Vibrant Borland Settings File

Vibrant Jedi by The Joyals

Vibrant Jedi

Download Vibrant Jedi Settings File

VSMac by Mac


Download VSMac Settings File

Subtle Blue by Mark Rainey

Subtle Blue

Download Subtle Blue Settings File

Blueberry by Robert Schoenstein

Download Blueberry Settings File

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