All developers need a 30″ monitor (honest).

Visual studio can be a bit of a squeeze. You want to view a couple of source files at a time, your output window, error list and find results are all useful things to have hanging around. Sure – the IDE is very clever and like a lot of other applications will allow you to auto hide tool windows, stack your windows side by side, or on top of each other, but there’s just no substitute for space.

So this time when I found myself in the market for a new monitor, I went all out and bought a 30″ Dell 3007WFP-HC. I was upgrading from a 24 inch monitor and while not exactly small, let me tell you, the awesome 2560 x 1600 resolution of the 3007WPF-HC just makes for such a pleasurable experience.

Finally the IDE is a comfortable place to be. You don’t need to be auto-hiding things all the time, even the largest of solution trees become usable, and rather than choosing to have one or two useful panels open during your debugbing sessions, you can have all of them! I’m 100% sold. The only problem is the price!

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