Have yourself a techie little Christmas?

Here’s a list of the wonderful tech gifts I got for Christmas.

iPod touch

Bought for me by my 3yr old son. Don’t ask me where he got the money. Thanks son.

Jailbroken (of course). The iPod Touch is the slickest bit of hardware / software I’ve ever used. It all works really well. If you haven’t got one, get one – or get an iPhone… which I guess is even better?

Intempo Digital RDI iPod Speaker Dock With Built In DAB

Bought for me by my Parents. Thanks Mum and Dad.

Pretty much the only speaker dock I could find with DAB built in. It’s for the kitchen, and therefore needed to be more compact than a small stereo system (of which there are several examples with iPod dock and DAB). I love it…

Grip Trainer – Powerball Neon Blue Pro

Bought for me by the in-laws. Thanks in-laws.

These things are cool. I managed just over 10K rpm the other day… is that good?

Intel E6850 Core2 Duo 3.0GHz Processor
MSI P35 PLATINUM Motherboard
MSI 256MB 8600GT
2x WD Caviar SE WD2500JS – Hard drive
2x OCZ PC2-6400 DDR2 800MHz 2GB RAM Kit
P2 Series 3.5″ E-SATA/USB External Black Aluminium SATA/IDE Enclosure

Bought for me by me. Thanks me.

OK – my last PC upgrade was July 2004 – so this was well overdue. I’ve switched to x64 vista to make the most of that 4GB RAM… and I’m suffering the concequences! Dammit Apple – sort out iTunes for x64 Windows (please?).

I’m no hard-core gamer… just the occasional bout of CounterStrike: Source. I was quite happy with the 157fps I got from running the video stress test though.

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