rdesktop -f on compiz fusion

If you run rdesktop with the -f option while running compiz fusion on Ubuntu you will find that the rdesktop session appears on all of your desktops like this:

rdesktop problem

Indeed – no matter which desktop you switch to, you will be presented with your remote desktop session.

rdesktop problem

The solution to this problem is to instead of using the -f switch, pass the geometry on the command line. In my case, my native resolution is 1680×1050. So, what may have looked like this:

rdesktop -k en-gb -D -K -a 16 -z -P -f yourcomputer.yourdomain.com


rdesktop -k en-gb -D -K -a 16 -z -P -g 1680x1050 yourcomputer.yourdomain.com

Here is the result:

rdesktop problem

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